Wire Rope Sampling-Re Socketing And Destruct Testing

Alatas ServiceOffshore, Field Service
LocationGoM, USA, Americas
Equipment TypeAHC- Subsea Crane
CranesNOV OC4475 KSCE 165t AHC/KBC Subsea 165t Main Wire

ALATAS Americas Inc was contracted to complete the following:

  • Offshore Field service technician qualified to pour wire rope sockets to Travel to Client Location for two days.
  • Remove 5m sample of rope to send in for analysis. 1 rope – @ 76mm
  • Re-Terminate wire ropes as per BS EN 13411-4 – Pour Socket – 76mm rope
  • (On-Shore) Inspect sample per ISO 4309 2017, conduct pull test to determine Actual Breaking Load (ABL), prepare an inspection report, and record ABL results. Return detailed results to the client


Due to the high cost of wire rope replacement of AHC wires, tensile strength destruct samples are an accurate investigation of these wires’ current state and condition, complete with Electromagnetic wire rope inspections. This can also be called “condition monitoring.” This is a cost-effective and accurate method to monitor the rope condition.  


In discussions with the client’s various technical departments globally and in line with industry standards, it was agreed that “condition monitoring” was the most efficient and accurate way forward.


  • AUS Base Service and Inspection Team:
  • Seize, Cut, and Remove Wire Rope Sample
  • Re Socket 76mm as required
  • Send in Cut Samples for analysis-Destruct Testing and Inform Results directly to the client

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