Windlass Overhauling



Alatas recently responded to a customer report regarding the malfunctioning of the starboard (STBD) side windlass due to gearbox failure. Our dedicated team swiftly embarked on the vessel stationed in Mundra, addressing the issue comprehensively.


The windlass malfunction was reported by the ship’s crew during its operation, prompting Alatas to deploy its experts to assess and rectify the issue. Upon inspection, it was identified that the gearbox bearings had suffered damage, necessitating a complete overhaul of the windlass unit.

Alatas’ Solution:

The solution devised by Alatas involved a meticulous dismantling of the entire windlass unit, followed by transportation to our well-equipped workshop in Mumbai. The crucial overhaul was successfully executed, and the windlass was reinstalled during the vessel’s voyage from Mundra to Mumbai.

Job Scope:

1. Windlass Overhauling:

The offloading of the windlass from the vessel was executed with precision, ensuring a secure transport to our Mumbai workshop. The complete unit, including the gearbox, underwent thorough dismantling by our skilled workshop team.

2. Root Cause Analysis:

Our expert engineering team conducted a root-cause analysis to identify the factors leading to the gearbox failure. This critical step enabled us to address the issue at its source, laying the foundation for a robust solution.

3. Mechanical Checks:

A series of mechanical checks were carried out to ensure the overhauled windlass’s longevity and efficiency. These included an assessment of the trueness of the shaft, verification of the appropriate hardness of new spares, and a meticulous calibration of bearing housings.

4. Electric Motor Overhauling:

Recognizing the integral role of the electric motor in the windlass system, our team conducted a comprehensive overhaul. This step aimed at enhancing the motor’s performance and reliability.

5. Assembly and Preventive Measures:

During the assembly phase, preventive measures were implemented to mitigate the risk of future failures. Calibration readings for bearing housings and the anchor windlass main shaft were carefully recorded, ensuring precision in the assembly process.

6. Fitment, Alignment, and Trial Run:

Upon completion of the overhaul, the windlass was dispatched to the Mundra port. Our team, dedicated to excellence, ensured a seamless fitment and alignment during the vessel’s voyage from Mundra to Nhava Sheva Port, Mumbai. The windlass underwent a successful trial run, affirming its restored functionality.


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