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LocationEMEA, Turkey, Tekirdağ
Equipment TypeShip Cranes


The customer contacted Alatas Turkey due to the failure of the Luffing system. Alatas Turkey technicians traveled to the vessel to detect the problems with the Luffing system and address the client’s concerns.


After attending the vessel, a meeting was held with the vessel electrician. Alatas Turkey technicians discussed the following findings: the main switches of the cranes went into trip mode due to a blackout aboard the vessel, and the control of crane number 2’s electric motor was damaged. Alatas technicians began doing additional inspections on the vessel.

Job scope

Once Alatas technicians attended the vessel, a meeting was held with the vessel electrician.

After establishing meeting controls, Alatas Turkey technicians informed the vessel electrician that the luffing, hoisting, and slewing systems were not working.

Additionally, the loadmaster system was canceled, the hoisting bypass system was bypassed with external cables, and there was no voltage to the luffing pump solenoids.

Alatas technicians controlled the PLC input signals, and technicians found that the Joystick signals were solid. Due to the examinations, the technicians found that the Luffing bypass input signal was working.

Alatas Turkey technicians checked The PLC module output signals and saw that the output signals did not come to the K24.1 and K48 relay, and the signal from the K24.1 to the Voltage regulator board did not.

Alatas Turkey technicians replaced the voltage regulator card with the replacement card on board. The technicians also replaced the Digital Output card (A6) with a replacement card.

Alatas technicians controlled the signal to the voltage regulator board by using jumper cables.

However, Alatas technicians found that the regulator card did not give an exit. There was a communication error between the PLC cards.

Lastly, Alatas Turkey technicians recommended that the manufacturer make the PLC-PC connection and detailed communication controls.


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