Troubleshooting On The Luffing System In Guatemala

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Technicians from Alatas TR responded to the vessel for the luffing system malfunction. The crew reported that the luffing mechanism had a problem. The technicians carried out the required tests to identify the flaws, and they then expertly rectified the issues.


The malfunction of the luffing system was reported by the client to Alatas TR. To repair the issues with the Crane, the Alatas TR personnel flew to Guatemala and worked on the ship.


After visiting the ship, the crew was gathered for a meeting. They stated that the luffing system had a problem. The crane was examined by the technicians, any issues were fixed, and it was then provided to the crew in fine working order.


  • Alatas TR technicians visited the ship to address the luffing system issue. They then met with the crew of the ship. The crew reported a problem with the luffing mechanism at the meeting.
  • The Crane was tested by the technicians.
  • It was discovered that the MV distance was off when it was checked.
  • When they tested the Crane once more, the issue persisted.
  • The connections to the BA3 encoder were also examined.
  • The encoder was calibrated once again.
  • Technicians from Alatas examined the rope lengths and encoder angle values on the drum. It was found that each value was accurate.
  • Alatas TR technicians found that when the BL7 limit was activated in the controls, the crane produced an alarm. They noticed that outreach data had been removed from the crane screen in the meantime.
  • They examined the wires and voltages of BL 7.
  • Alatas technicians evaluated the operational voltages, cable connections, and luffing speed encoder visually.
  • The mechanics went through the luffing angles again. Although they came to the conclusion that the BL1 angle value should be 0, there were other options. The encoder was manually calibrated by the professionals.
  • They started the limit switch settings after recalibrating the AN2.
  • The limit switch settings were made by Alatas TR personnel. The minimum and maximum outreach were then checked.
  • According to ETO, the crane underwent all functioning tests. There were no problems found.
  • Finally, Alatas TR specialists delivered the Crane in fine working order to the crew.

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