Troubleshooting on the Hoisting System In Tekirdağ Port

Alatas Service  Field Service
Location  Emea/Turkey/Tekirdag  
EquipmentDeck Crane



For Crane troubleshooting, Alatas Turkey personnel were summoned. The voltage, solenoid valve pressure, and Crane No. 2 were examined. They also examined the hoisting system’s pressure and the electrical panel’s devices and discovered that the 3-phase was not arriving at the main switches properly. They tested the crane and found a solution to the hoisting issue.


     The customer contacted Alatas for troubleshooting On The Hoisting System. The technicians of Alatas Turkey traveled to Tekirdağ to attend to the vessel, check the systems, and fix the damages.


In a meeting with the crew of the ship, the Alatas Turkey technicians tested Crane 2. They completed all system checks and corrected any issues.

Job scope

  • The technicians of Alatas Turkey traveled to İskenderun and attended the vessel. After the meeting, they checked Crane no2 and saw that the hoisting system was not working correctly.
  • Alatas technicians checked the solenoid valve pressure and voltage but didn’t detect any problem with them.
  • Alatas technicians checked the devices of the electrical panel and saw that the 3-phase was not coming correctly on the main switches. After they fixed the problem, the 3-phase didn’t show it anymore.
  • Additionally, the hydraulic hoses valve and T line were not operating properly, according to Alatas TR technicians.
  • Finally, the technicians tested the crane after opening the hydraulic hoses valve and reported that the issue was resolved

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