Troubleshooting of Cranes In Spain, Las Palmas



To troubleshoot the cranes, professionals from Alatas Turkey were contacted. The crane was moving at a slower rate than usual. They evaluated the electrical panel and control cards, and the fault was seen on the control cards. The speed returned to normal after the testing. The specialists gave some advice regarding hydraulic lines, gear oil levels, limit switches, slide ring discs, hoisting and luffing ropes, and slack ropes.


In order to resolve the crane’s problems, Alatas TR’s technicians went to Spain.


The Alatas TR technicians started troubleshooting after attending to the vessel. They tried the crane at normal speed after testing it. They then presented some recommendations.


  • The specialists from Alatas Turkey went to Las Palmas, Spain, and worked on the ship to fix the cranes. When they started troubleshooting, they noticed that the crane was moving at a speed that was 50% slower than usual. They discovered that the issue was with the control cards after inspecting the electrical panel and those cards. After setting up the control cards and testing the crane for two hours, the speed returned to normal. Without any load, they tested the crane for two hours and found no issues.
  • They also checked the Crane 1 electrical panel and saw that one of the control cards was missing.
  • The crane 1 sheaves renewal was started by the technicians. The technicians took off the top of the sheaves and moved them to the workshop. they advised replacing the wire rope with a brand-new one.
  • On Crane 1, the technicians put in the top of the sheaves. The technicians found some hydraulic lines to be broken in Crane 2 and suggested replacing them with new ones. They advised filling because crane no. 2’s gear oil levels were low.
  • They also adjusted the limit switches in cranes 1 and 2. They found the discs of the slip ring were damaged and they recommended renewing them. Both cranes’ hoisting and luffing ropes, as well as crane No. 2’s slack ropes, must be replaced with new ones. It is uncertain when the filters were last renewed. They advised replacing them with new ones on both cranes as a result.
  • The software was installed, configured, and the crane’s speed returned to normal.
  • The Alatas Turkey specialists advised replacing the ropes on both cranes with new ones because the old ones were rusted and had been in use for more than five years.

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