In a display of precision and expertise, Alatas Turkey technicians embarked on a mission to troubleshoot a vessel’s critical components. Their dedication to ensuring maritime safety and efficiency was evident as they meticulously examined and repaired the hoisting system. This story highlights their successful efforts in resolving complex technical issues onboard.

Background: The technicians from Alatas Turkey were summoned to the vessel for a troubleshooting mission. Their primary objective was to identify and address any technical problems that could impact the vessel’s operations.

Alatas’ Solution:

The Alatas Turkey technicians approached the task systematically. Their first step was conducting comprehensive checks to identify any issues that required immediate attention. Once they had a clear understanding of the situation, they proceeded to implement the necessary repairs.

Job Scope:

The shipyard entrance procedure was extended until 13:30 to accommodate the Alatas team’s involvement with the vessel. During this time, the shipyard undertook the replacement of flexible hoses. However, a significant challenge emerged when the Alatas Turkey technicians identified a problem with the hoisting movement.

Upon inspection, they determined that the control block responsible for the hoisting system was experiencing excessive heat and urgently needed maintenance. Further investigation revealed damage to the load valve within the block, necessitating both maintenance and replacement of the load valve. Fortunately, the brake pressure was verified and found to be in good condition by the technicians.

Yet, the hoisting hydraulic motor exhibited signs of damage, likely due to overheating. Moreover, the technicians discovered that the hoisting system and limit switches were in poor condition and urgently required renewal and repair.

In response to these findings, the technicians removed and tested the hoisting hydraulic motor, which displayed instability in its operation, prompting the need for maintenance. The situation was further compounded by corroded and damaged bolts securing the hoisting hydraulic motor, which recommended their replacement.

Efforts to remove the rusty bolts using a torch proved unsuccessful. Additionally, it was revealed that the brake system had been compromised during previous maintenance work due to a lack of permission for hot working on the brake. Consequently, the brake bolts could not be removed with a drill, necessitating the removal of the motor by the crew and its transfer to the shipyard workshop for further attention.

In summary, Alatas Turkey’s technicians demonstrated their unwavering commitment to maritime safety and operational efficiency. Despite the unexpected challenges encountered during their work, their expertise and perseverance ensured the successful identification and resolution of critical technical issues aboard the vessel. This serves as a testament to Alatas Turkey’s reputation as a trusted partner in delivering maritime solutions.


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