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     Alatas Turkey technicians were contacted for Crane troubleshooting. All of the motors were examined. They saw numerous leaks, indicating that the hydraulic motor’s inside might be compromised. The specialists ultimately offered some advice following their observations and troubleshooting.


For Crane problems, the customer contacted Alatas Turkey. To help with the ship’s maintenance, Alatas Turkey’s technicians went to Izmit. They observed that there were too many leaks when they examined the motors.


Alatas Turkey’s technicians first examined the Crane before repairing the damage and making recommendations.

Job scope

After attending to the ship, Alatas Turkey technicians examined the hydraulic lifting motors and systems and the hydraulic motor’s pressure. To check the oil pressure, they also disconnected the hose from the hydraulic motor’s return line. They saw that there were numerous leaks and that there was a need to inspect the hydraulic motor’s interior because it could have been damaged.

Then, in order to examine the hydraulic motor’s output, the technicians loosened the brakes and raised the jib to its highest position. The drum was turned since it couldn’t hold. It only demonstrated that the hydraulic motor had sustained damage.

     Technicians from Alatas Turkey tested a 20T load hydraulic motor under high pressure, but they could not move it due to the hydraulic motor’s extreme temperature. Only the hydraulic motor was damaged, according to all of them.

  Therefore, hoisting hydraulic motor replacement was advised by Alatas Turkey technicians.


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