Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationEMEA, Greece, Piraeus
Equipment TypeDeck Crane
CranesNMF DK II 45027,5/35031,5


Alatas Turkey technicians were dispatched to the vessel to troubleshoot the crane. The customer contacted Alatas to assess the damage to their crane. Due to this, Alatas Turkey technicians traveled to Greece to accomplish the task above.


Alatas Turkey technicians intervened the crane for slack rope failure. Alatas made controls and the malfunctions were observed in the PLC system. Our technicians made all the controls in the crane and found the problems.

Job scope

After attending the vessel, Alatas Turkey technicians began their inspections in the crane to troubleshoot. In the controls made, Alatas technicians observed some malfunctions in the PLC system.

They inspected the Hydraulic Hose Damage, the Failure Brake Turning Gear, Asymmetric and the Failure Load Pin. Alatas Turkey technicians then checked the slack rope sensor and found it working.

After that, our technicians checked Slack Rope module A30.1 S30.3 Switch controls and signals and saw that the hoisting down and up solenoid signals showed continuous output.

Alatas technicians also checked the hoisting limits, and they observed that there were input signals. When they disabled the switch, it was seen that the signal voltage was 0 volts, but the hoisting system continued to move.

Alatas technicians observed that the manufacturer should make the PLC controls to solve the hoisting system failure. Additionally, before the hoisting system intervention, the existing malfunctions in the PLC should be eliminated.

However, the Luffing limits could not be fully controlled due to the operation.


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