Accident to Peiner-SMAG Grab

Manufacturer: SMAG Peiner Service: Repairs Alatas Grab Specialists were mobilised after a client experienced an accident with their Peiner-SMAG Grab. Grab buckets and hatch coamings are regularly mishandled by the stevedores resulting in deformed grab scoops. The realignment of the grab scoops can be performed onboard using a torsion bar. Alatas is the official Peiner-SMAG …

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Shearleg crane electronics repairs

Shearleg Crane Electronics Repairs

Manufacturer: ShearlegService: Repairs Alatas Service System Upgrades Location Singapore Crane Manufacturer Shearleg For these Shearleg crane electronics repairs, the crane was experiencing problems with its luffing system. Alatas Electronic Specialists were called in to check the electronic control currents, brakes and brake contactors. The crane was experiencing a hoisting problem as the winch was not …

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Hydraulic Cylinder Overhaul of Liebherr LHM 400

Alatas Service Workshop Repairs Crane Manufacturer Liebherr Crane Model LHM 400 Our Workshop Repairs team were tasked with a hydraulic cylinder overhaul for a Liebherr LHM 400. Job Report for Hydraulic Cylinder Overhaul for a Liebherr LHM 400 Disassembly of all hydraulic cylinders Cleaning and NDT of the bodies, cylinder rods and pad eyes Alignment …

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Operator Control System Replacement

Alatas attend ship cranes to upgrade outdated or underperforming systems. One of our experienced technicians was called out to perform an operator control system replacement. Job scope Replacement of operator control station Replacement of crane control system Replacement of DC drive controllers for the DC motors for the crane functions Installation of an integrated SLI …

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Zollern Vertriebs Service Partner

Manufacturer: NMF Model: Zollern Service: Repairs Zollern Vertriebs GmbH & Co Germany are the leading manufacturer of rope and luffing winches and slewing gearboxes for offshore and ship cranes. Alatas was called out to attend a faulty Zollern luffing winch and hoisting gearbox. We frequently attend to rope winch troubleshooting, repairs and winch gearbox replacement …

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Tankraft DDR electro hydraulic grab repairs

Tankraft DDR Electro-Hydraulic Grab Repairs

Manufacturer: Tankraft DDRSERVICE: Workshop REPAIRS A client required out Workshop Repair service for an overhaul to their Tankraft DDR Electro-Hydraulic grab. job Scope Realignment of scoops Replacement of broken motor cover Installation of new pins and support plates Removal of electric motor Hydraulic motor, control valves and fittings for repair/replacement Servicing of all main hook …

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Liebherr Boom Head Replacement

Alatas Service Field Service Crane Manufacturer Liebherr Crane Model CBW This job of a Liebherr boom head replacement required Alatas Merchant Shipping Field Services to overhaul an excessively corroded boom head on both of the client’s Liebherr CBW deck cranes. Solution for Liebherr Boom Head Replacement We provided the redesign and fabrication of a completely …

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