Winches and Windlasses

Repair of Braden CH Series Winch

Repair of Braden CH Series Winch

Alatas Service Workshop Repairs Location Bradford, UK Crane Type Lattice Boom Pedestal Crane Crane Manufacturer Mantiex Equipment Type Winch Equipment Manufacturer Braden Equipment Model CH280-54040-81GP Alatas UK carried out the repair of a Braden CH Series winch in our Bradford Workshop. The winch, a CH280-54040-81GP was for a Manitex crane aboard a jack up vessel. […]

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Hoisting Winch Troubleshooting Turkey

Alatas Service Field Service, Workshop Repairs Location Bosphorus Anchorage, Instanbul, Turkey Crane Type Hydraulic Deck Crane Crane Manufacturer Fukushima Crane Spec SWL 30T Equipment Type Hoisting Winch Alatas Turkey was assigned to a troubleshooting job for the hoisting winch on a 30t Fukushima hydraulic deck crane. We were called in as our client’s Crane #4

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Windlass and Mooring Winch Inspection

Alatas Service Field Service Location Singapore Vessel Type Bulk Carrier Windlass Manufacturer HATLAPA Uetersener Maschinenfabrik GmbH Windlass Model D-25436 The world’s largest container shipping company contracted Alatas Singapore to carry out a deck machinery windlass and mooring winch inspection on one of their vessels. We are a respected and reliable marine service provider used by

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GW-Luzhou deck crane repairs

KGW-Luzhou Deck Crane Repairs

Alatas Service Field Service Location Singapore Crane Type Deck Crane Crane Manufacturer KGW-Luzhou Crane Model EH 3028-2 – SWL 30T x 28M Equipment Rope Winch, Gearbox Alatas Singapore was contracted to carry out KGW-Luzhou deck crane repairs aboard a bulk carrier vessel. The EH 3028-2 model cranes we attended were prototypes built by Chinese manufacturer

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Lifeboat Davit Winch Repair Singapore

Alatas Service Field Service, Afloat Repairs Location Singapore Crane Type Tsuji Lifeboat Davit Crane Model TO-EB 4.012- 3.7 Equipment Lifeboat Winch and Gearbox For this lifeboat davit winch repair job in Singapore, a customer had recently installed lifeboat winches manufactured by Tsuji Heavy Industries. Both the port and starboard lifeboat winches were not operating as

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EOT Crane Installation Hong Kong

Alatas Service Field Service, Installation Location Ho Man Tin, Hong Kong Crane Manufacturer GH Cranes Crane Model 60ton electric overhead travelling (EOT) crane Alatas Hong Kong was called in for this EOT crane installation for a project located in Ho Man Tin. The building contractor purchased this brand new crane EOT crane built by GH

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Pusnes Windlass Repairs

Alatas Service: Field ServiceLocation: Singapore Manufacturer: Pusnes Model: 220 HW, 245 HW Singapore Field Technicians called in for these Pusnes windlass repairs attended a vessel equipped with 220HW and 245 HW windlass mooring winches. Customer reported that the port forward windlass claw coupling had cracked and that the bearing bushes of the main shaft of

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Offshore crane overhaul

Offshore Crane Overhaul

Client’s requirements Replacement of obsolete crane control system Replacement of obsolete rated capacity indicator and rated capacity limiter Replacement of all hydraulic pumps Replacement of all hydraulic hoses Replacement of crane operator cabin Overhaul and upgrade of main hoist winch Replacement of auxiliary hoist winch with a new man riding certified winch Replacement of boom

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Hoisting Winch Electronic Repairs

Alatas Service Field Services, System Upgrades Location Singapore Equipment Hoisting Winch Hoisting winch electronic repairs were carried out at Pioneer Yard, Keppel Fels Ltd by Alatas Singapore. The project was seeing to troubleshooting and repairs to hoisting crane No-4 (800MT). Inspection before Hoisting Winch Electronic Repairs An Alatas Engineer placed the ERI card (error indicator

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