Winches & Windlasses

Pusnes Windlass Repairs

Alatas Service: Field ServiceLocation: Singapore Manufacturer: Pusnes Model: 220 HW, 245 HW Singapore Field Technicians called in for these Pusnes windlass repairs attended a vessel equipped with 220HW and 245 HW windlass mooring winches. Customer reported that the port forward windlass claw coupling had cracked and that the bearing bushes of the main shaft of …

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Offshore crane overhaul

Offshore Crane Overhaul

Client’s requirements Replacement of obsolete crane control system Replacement of obsolete rated capacity indicator and rated capacity limiter Replacement of all hydraulic pumps Replacement of all hydraulic hoses Replacement of crane operator cabin Overhaul and upgrade of main hoist winch Replacement of auxiliary hoist winch with a new man riding certified winch Replacement of boom …

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Hoisting Winch Electronic Repairs

Alatas Service Field Services, System Upgrades Location Singapore Equipment Hoisting Winch Hoisting winch electronic repairs were carried out at Pioneer Yard, Keppel Fels Ltd by Alatas Singapore. The project was seeing to troubleshooting and repairs to hoisting crane No-4 (800MT). Inspection before Hoisting Winch Electronic Repairs An Alatas Engineer placed the ERI card (error indicator …

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Huisman Crane Winch Overhaul General Check-up and S.W.L Load Test During Docking Singapore Shipyard

Huisman Crane Winch Overhaul

Alatas Service Field Service Location Singapore Equipment Winch Crane Manufacturer Huisman Alatas Singapore performed a Huisman crane winch overhaul all its winches, carrying out a check-up and to conduct the S.W.L load test during docking at ST Marine Shipyard, Tuas Road, Singapore. The overhaul of the brake system for all winches (aux hoist, main hoist …

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Manitex ML 2400 Refurbishment

Manitex ML 2400 Refurbishment

Alatas Indonesia was requested by a client to carry out a Manitex ML 2400 refurbishment onboard the XMA and XD oilwell platform. The work was to follow-up a recommendation during a previous crane condition evaluation performed by Alatas Indonesia. Alatas managed the job scope for the Manitex ML 2400 refurbishment as a turnkey project involving …

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Crane Winch Replacement Bangladesh

Alatas Service Field Service, Parts Supply Location Bangladesh Crane Manufacturer Liebherr Crane Model CBM 30t crane Alatas Singapore performed this crane winch replacement in Bangladesh on a Liebherr CBM 30t crane. Job Gallery for Crane Winch Replacement in Bangladesh

Zollern free fall winch overhaul

Alatas Service Workshop Repairs Location Singapore Crane Manufacturer Liebherr Crane Model HS885 Winch Manufacturer Zollern Winch Model Free Fall Winch A customer called on the Singapore Workshop for this Zollern free fall winch overhaul. Our Workshop was handed a Zollern free fall hoisting winch, together with hydraulic motor and new spare winch drum. For the …

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Hoist Winch Gearbox Repairs To Tsuji Deck Crane

Alatas Service Field Service, Workshop Repairs Location Singapore Crane Manufacturer Tsuji Crane Model SSCHS4525-T1 Winch Manufacturer Sumitomo ComPower Winch Model CPHFL-160A-QS-67A Alatas Tsuji Crane Specialists were called in to perform hoist winch gearbox repairs to a Tsuji deck crane. The client’s container feeder vessel is equipped with Tsuji SSCHS4525-T1 deck cranes lifting capacity of SWL …

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Nippon Pusnes Windlass Repairs

Alatas Service Field Service Location Singapore Asset Tanker Windlass Manufacturer Nippon Pusnes Windlass Model NP-31164 These Nippon Pusnes windlass repairs took place on aboard a client’s tanker vessel. The forward NP-31164 port mooring winch developed a problem as the drum bearing bushes had worn out and had to be replaced. Alatas Singapore supplied new custom …

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