Stern Ramp Wire Rope Change Out

Stern Ramp Wire Rope Change Out

Alatas Service Field Service Location Pacific Northwest Portland, USA Equipment Type Stern Ramp, Ro/Ro, W1 Winches Winch Manufacturer MacGregor Winch Model MRH-4400T Alatas Americas was selected by the owner of a Hagglunds vehicle carrier on the west coast of the USA for a stern ramp wire rope change out. The wire rope of a MacGregor […]

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Ro/Ro ship elevator troubleshooting

Ro/Ro Ship Elevator Troubleshooting

Alatas Service Field Service, Workshop Repairs Location Tersan Shipyard, Yalova Equipment Type Elevator, Steep Wire Rope Manufacturer TESAC An engineer from Alatas Turkey was sent to attend this Ro/Ro ship elevator troubleshooting. The Ro/Ro (roll-on/roll-off) cargo ship was docked at the Tersan Shipyard, Yalova, and Alatas Turkey were the chosen service provider by the client

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