Peiner-SMAG Grab Afloat Repairs

Peiner-SMAG Grab Afloat Repairs

Alatas Service Field Service, Afloat Repairs Location Singapore Grab Manufacturer Peiner-SMAG Grab Model MZGL 12000-6-B-S For this Peiner-SMAG Afloat Repairs project the customer reported a large gap in a MZGL 12000-6-B-S grab bucket even when closed. This caused the cargo to leak and impact productivity to their operations. We were given a short deadline by the …

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Overhaul of Peiner-Smag Hydraulic Grab

Alatas Service: Workshop RepairsRegion: SingaporeManufacturer: Peiner–SMAGModel: EGF 24, 0-1, 25-12000 The Alatas Singapore Workshop inspected carried out an overhaul of a Peiner-Smag Hydraulic Grab. After the dismantling of the hydraulic cylinder, our engineers found that most of the hardware was in good working order and was not in need of repair. The barrel, piston head, …

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Peiner-SMAG Motor Grab Overhaul

Peiner-SMAG Motor Grab Overhaul

Alatas Service Workshop Repairs Location Middle East Grab Manufacturer Peiner-SMAG Equipment 4x Motor Grabs Job Scope for Peiner-SMAG Motor Grab Overhaul Workshop receive 4 Peiner-SMAG motor grabs from the client’s vessel. All highly damaged, heavily worn and corroded Full strip down of all grabs Sand blasting of all steel components Visual and NDT inspection Replace …

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SMAG Peiner grab repairs

Peiner-SMAG Service Partner

Location Singapore Grab Manufacturer Peiner-SMAG Grab Model EGF Alatas Singapore is a leading Peiner-SMAG Service Partner which provides services in our Alatas approved Grab Workshop. We attended a Singapore anchorage to carry out the inspection, testing and replacement of lifting cylinders on Peiner-SMAG radio-controlled EGF grabs.

Luffing Cylinder Bearing Liebherr CBW Repairs

Alatas Service Field Service, Parts Supply Crane Manufacturer Liebherr Crane Model CBW 32(40)/28LS, SWL 40T + SWL 32T, Grab Manufacturer Peiner-SMAG Grab Model EGF 24.0-1.25-12000 A client’s bulker required luffing cylinder bearing repairs on Liebherr CBW 32(40)/28LS deck cranes with a capacity of SWL 40T in hook operation and SWL 32T in grab operation. The …

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Accident to Piener-SMAG Grab

Manufacturer: SMAG Peiner Service: Repairs Alatas Grab Specialists were mobilised after a client experienced an accident with their SMAG Peiner grab. Grab buckets and hatch coamings are regularly mishandled by the stevedores resulting in deformed grab scoops. The realignment of the grab scoops can be performed onboard using a torsion bar. Alatas is the official …

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Marine Grab

Overhaul of Peiner-SMAG Grabs

Alatas Service Field Service Location Singapore Grab Manufacturer Peiner-SMAG Grab Model MZGL14000-6-B This overhaul of Peiner-SMAG MZGL14000-6-B motor grabs was for four units that had very high operating hours and were fatigued. Cracks in the steel structure, worn-out scoop hinges and hinge bolts, worn down cutting lips on the grab bucket and leaking cylinders had …

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