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MacGregor Bulker Crane Changeout

Alatas Service Field Service Location Singapore Vessel Bulker Crane Manufacturer MacGregor Crane Model GLB 3628-2/2828gr This MacGregor bulker crane changeout is for a generation of MacGregor GLB 3628-2/2828gr bulker cranes that suffer frequent failures relating to jib head rope sheave bearings, especially at the boom head’s rope sheave assembly. The owner of Alatas routinely carries …

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TTS Hua Hui Hatch Cover Repair

Alatas Service Field Service, Workshop Repairs Location Hong Kong Hatch Cover Manufacturer TTS Hua Hui The vessel for this TTS Hua Hui hatch cover repair was had a malfunctioning hatch cover. A problem with the hatch cover’s hydraulic controls meant the hatch cover could not be opened or closed. The owner called Alatas Hong Kong …

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Luffing Cylinder Bearing Liebherr CBW Repairs

Alatas Service Field Service, Parts Supply Crane Manufacturer Liebherr Crane Model CBW 32(40)/28LS, SWL 40T + SWL 32T, Grab Manufacturer Peiner-SMAG Grab Model EGF 24.0-1.25-12000 A client’s bulker required luffing cylinder bearing repairs on Liebherr CBW 32(40)/28LS deck cranes with a capacity of SWL 40T in hook operation and SWL 32T in grab operation. The …

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Complete overhaul of cargo cranes

Region: Hong KongAlatas Service: Field Service & Parts Supply During Alatas pre-docking inspection it was found that the hoisting winch frame and boom hinges of both cargo cranes were fully corroded and needed to be renewed. Several corroded areas on the boom were found which required steel repair, nearly underneath rope guides and the boom …

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Crane Boom Repair

Crane Boom Repair

After a human error, the boom of Crane-1 fell down to the deck during a routine maintenance procedure. The boom was caught by the cargo runner, causing the boom to collapse halfway. As well as the serious damage to the boom chords, the boom head suffered significant damage as well. Alatas was requested to conduct …

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Crane Boom Finite Element Analysis FEA

Job Scope Inspection of crane NDT of critical welds Ultrasonic measurement of wall thickness reduction Generation of boom CAD model with effective corroded wall thicknesses Finite Element Analysis of corroded boom according to Lloyd’s Register “Code for Lifting Appliances in a Marine Environment 2016.” Revised load chart approved by Lloyd’s Register Steel repairs of the …

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