Alatas Service Field Service Location EMEA, Turkey, Istanbul Equipment Type Deck Crane Cranes Mitsubishi 30T X 26M BACKGROUND The client contacted Alatas Turkey for the gearbox change out. Alatas technicians boarded the vessel for the task mentioned above. They conducted a meeting to discuss the best course of action and then began to work on […]


Structural Boom Repairs to Luffing Deck Crane

Structural Boom Repair to Luffing Deck Crane

Alatas Service Field Service Location Fujairah, UAE Equipment Type Ship Crane Equipment Manufacturer Mitsubishi Equipment Specifications Wire Rope Luffing Deck Crane 30t x 28m Alatas Middle East attended our client’s vessel upon her arrival into Fujairah, UAE, contracted with structural boom repairs to a luffing deck crane. The Crane Number 4, a 30t x 28m

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Mitsubishi Crane Boom Service

Alatas Service Workshop Repairs Location Singapore Crane Manufacturer Mitsubishi Crane Type Deck Crane Our client’s vessel was in anchorage at Singapore. It was equipped with 4 Mitsubishi Deck Cranes and crane-4 had suffered an accident that causing the boom to collapse. When the engineers from Alatas Singapore arrived, the boom’s left main chord was touching

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Mitsubishi crane gearbox changeout

Mitsubishi Crane Gearbox Changeout

Alatas Service: Field ServiceLocation: SingaporeManufacturer: Mitsubishi Equipment: Gearbox Alatas Singapore crane services attended a vessel to perform a Mitsubishi crane gearbox changeout for a pair of deck cranes. One of the cranes had a damaged hoisting winch gearbox that needed changing. It was replaced with a new planetary gearbox was already on board. Using a

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PCB Cards and Electronics Repairs

Alatas Service: System UpgradesLocation: Hong Kong Manufacturers: Hagglund, MacGregor, Liebherr, Mitsubishi, Tsuji, KGW, BLM, NMF, Uchida Alatas Hong Kong Crane Services provide complete PCB Card and Electronic Repairs. Alatas Hong Kong runs an Electronics Workshop where we conduct professional repairs on electronic cards for crane control systems. The Electronics Workshop holds state of the art

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Mitsubishi Crane Hydraulic Repair

Alatas Service: Field Service, System UpgradesManufacturer: MitsubishiEquipment: Deck CraneLocation: Singapore For this Mitsubishi crane hydraulic repair project, Alatas Singapore received a distress call from a stricken bulker carrying out cargo operation in Singapore waters. Deck Crane 4 was losing performance being unable to lift the full grab. Heavy-duty grab operation causes excessive stress on crane

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Mitsubishi crane winch replacement

Mitsubishi Crane Hoist Winch Replacement

Alatas Service Field Service Location Indonesia Crane Manufacturer Mitsubishi This Mitsubishi crane winch replacement a of hoist winch was carried out at Banjarmasin Anchorage in Indonesia. The deck crane was experiencing a hoisting problem as the winch was not moving during hoisting as well as an abnormal sound coming from the mechanism. Job Scope for

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Mitsubishi crane hydraulic repair

Mitsubishi Crane Slew Bearing changeouts

Region: Singapore Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Alatas Service: Field Service Alatas Singapore recently carried out the replacement of four sets of crane slew ring bearings for Mitsubishi deck cranes at our Singapore anchorage. Alatas was able to source and supply the bearings in a short space of time (approximately 3½ months) and installed them on the Mitsubishi

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