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BLM Combined Windlass Repair

Alatas Service Field Service Location Singapore Equipment Mooring winches Manufacturer BLM Alatas Marine Engineering Singapore specialises in deck machinery repairs, especially in anchor and mooring winches. They were called in for this BLM combined windlass repair. Alatas Marine Engineering Singapore was called upon to carry out a full overhaul on two BLM combined windlasses on …

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IHI Slewing Bearing Changeout

Alatas Service Field Service Location Singapore Manufacturer IHI Alatas Singapore Pte Ltd was called out to perform an IHI slewing bearing changeout. Organising the resource, tools and floating crane to carry out the slewing bearing, the team carried out the replacement at Singapore anchorage. A floating crane was used to work on Crane No.4 on …

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IHI Crane Service

Alatas Service Field Services Location Singapore Crane Manufacturer IHI Crane Model HVKP-ST Equipment HVL-SS Hoising Motor We performed a IHI crane service to replace hoisting motor and luffing motor during bunkering. Units replaced were IHI hydraulic motors type HVKP-ST for traversing motion and hoisting motor HVL-SS. Control valve block spool was scored beyond repair so …

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Slewing Bearing Load Test on Kyoritsu Kikai Crane

Alatas Service Field Service Location Singapore Crane Manufacturer Kyoritsu Kikai Crane Type SWL 0.9T x 6.6M Provision Crane This changeout and slewing bearing load test for a Kyoritsu Kikai provision crane was carried out by Alatas Singapore on the Starboard side of a davit crane had failed. The Kyoritsu Kikai SWL 0.9T x 6.6M was …

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Zollern Vertriebs Service Partner

Manufacturer: NMF Model: Zollern Service: Repairs Zollern Vertriebs GmbH & Co Germany are the leading manufacturer of rope and luffing winches and slewing gearboxes for offshore and ship cranes. Alatas was called out to attend a faulty Zollern luffing winch and hoisting gearbox. We frequently attend to rope winch troubleshooting, repairs and winch gearbox replacement …

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Liebherr MTC Crane Inspection

Region: Great Yarmouth Manufacturer: Liebherr Model: MTC 2600-100 Service: Repairs Alatas Service Field Service Location Great Yarmouth Vessel Type Jack-Up Ship Crane Manufacturer Liebherr Crane Model MTC 2600-10 Alatas Middle East was called by Alatas UK to conduct a Liebherr MTC crane inspection and troubleshooting of jerky slew performance on a MTC 2600-100 installed on …

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Main Hook Block Repairs

Alatas Service Field Service Location Singapore Vessel Diving Support Vessel Crane Manufacturer NOV Crane Model OC4475KSCE-(50-250) AHC This diving support vessel is equipped with an NOV 250 ton Active Heave Compensated Offshore Crane which required main hook block repairs. The OC4475KSCE-(50-250) crane was undergoing maintenance in a Singapore shipyard and our Alatas Singapore Specialised Workshop …

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Melcal Knuckle Boom Crane Refurbishment

Alatas Service Workshop Repairs Location Middle East Crane Type Knuckle Boom Crane Crane Manufacturer Melcal Alatas Middle East has won the tender for this Melcal knuckle boom crane refurbishment after seven years of extensive use in the oilfield. Alatas managed the work scope at our Specialist Workshop as a turnkey project involving the work, the …

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Complete overhaul of cargo cranes

Region: Hong KongAlatas Service: Field Service & Parts Supply During Alatas pre-docking inspection it was found that the hoisting winch frame and boom hinges of both cargo cranes were fully corroded and needed to be renewed. Several corroded areas on the boom were found which required steel repair, nearly underneath rope guides and the boom …

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NMF deck cranes removal and reinstallation

NMF Port Crane Reinstallation

Alatas Service Field Service Location Houston Crane Type Crane Tower Crane Manufacturer NMF Alatas Americas was contracted for the reinstallation of an NMF port crane tower and pedestal. Due to the size of the cold boxes, the overhang of the NMF crane hindered the loading of the cargo. The NMF crane and pedestal removal in …

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