Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement for Offshore Crane

Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement for Offshore Crane

Alatas Service Field Service, Workshop Repairs Location Dubai Maritime City, UAE Equipment Type Ram Luffing Deck Crane Cranes Hydralift MCVC-1800-20-18Liebherr CBS-45/26/5/30 Alatas Middle East Ship Engineering Services conducted offshore crane maintenance scopes during a client’s jack-up barge maintenance period in Dubai Maritime City before mobilising offshore around Qatar. In addition to the hydraulic cylinder replacement […]

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Bulk Carrier Crane Attendance

Alatas Service Field Service, Inspections, Location Dubai Dry Docks Vessel Bulk Carrier Crane Type Deck Crane Crane Manufacturer IHI WUHAN Crane Model SS360200-280B A Field Service team at Alatas Middle East was contracted for a Bulk Carrier crane attendance upon arrival at Dubai Dry Docks. After receiving an in-depth preliminary inspection report from Alatas Turkey,

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Crane Load Test Certificates

Crane Inspection & Overload Test

Alatas Service Field Service, Load TestingInspections, Certificates Location Singapore Vessel Type General Cargo Ship Crane Type Marine Deck Crane Crane Manufacturer MacGregor Crane Type MacGregor Twin CraneTGL 4522/MLC/3031-2 Alatas was engaged to carry out a crane inspection & overload test in one attendance, before providing relevant crane load test certificates in Singapore. The job scope

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Marine Crane Hoisting Brake Replacement

Marine Crane Hoisting Brake Troubleshooting

Alatas Service Field Service, Inspections,Workshop Location Istanbul, Turkey Vessel Bulk Carrier Crane Type Deck Crane Equipment Type Hoisting Brake A customer with a vessel in Istanbul contacted us via our website’s contact form and requested a specialist engineer troubleshooting for a marine crane hoisting brake. Alatas Turkey was able to supply an engineer to the

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Singapore offshore vessel services

Singapore Offshore Vessel Services

Alatas Service Field Service, Workshop Repairs Load Testing Location Singapore Vessel VLCC Equipment Type Anchor Windlass Crane Manufacturer Nippon Pusnes Equipment Model P-19ACU In this job, our experts at Alatas Singapore demonstrated their multi-disciplinary offshore vessel services after successfully supervising the removal of old and damaged claw couplings onboard a customer’s VLCC. At the Western

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LARS A-frame services

LARS A-frame Services

Alatas Service Inspections, Load Testing Location Nigg, Scotland Vessel Pipe/Umbilical Lay Vessel Crane Type Subsea LARS A-frame Crane Manufacturer IHC Alatas UK’s offshore team mobilised to Nigg, Northern Scotland, to deliver LARS A-frame services for a leading subsea services company. The inspections and load testing carried out on their IHC LARS (launch and recovery system)

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Offshore Ship Crane Inspections

Alatas Service Field Service, Inspections Location Istanbul, Turkey Vessel Offshore Supply Ship Crane Type Deck Crane Crane 1 Huisman 850 MT Crane 2 Liebherr CBO 3600-100 Alatas Turkey carried out offshore ship crane inspections on a Huisman 850 MT and a Liebherr CBO 3600-100. These cranes were on an offshore supply ship docking in Istanbul.

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Crane Reactivation Services UAE

Alatas Service Field Service, Inspections, Reactivation, Load Testing Location Abu Dhabi, UAE Vessel Offshore Construction Barge Crane Type Rope Luffing Deck Crane Crane Manufacturer Favelle Favco Crane Model PC250 Alatas Middle East was contracted to carry out offshore crane reactivation services in UAE. A client recently purchased a secondhand Favelle Favco PC250 rope luffing deck

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Five-Yearly Load Tests

Alatas Service Field Service, Inspections Location Indonesia Crane Types Monorail craneProvision craneEngine Room craneAccommodation Ladder and Gangways Crane Manufacturer Oriental Alatas Indonesia was assigned to a client’s vessel to carry out a five-yearly load test package on their cargo vessel. The work covered all cranes onboard the vessel, including: 2x Monorail crane2x Provision crane2x Engine

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Main Boom Cylinder Overhaul

Main Boom Cylinder Overhaul

Alatas Service Workshop Repairs Location Bradford, UK Equipment Type Cylinder Crane Type Offshore Knuckle Boom Crane Manufacturer NOV Alatas UK recently carried out a main boom cylinder overhaul for an NOV knuckle boom crane on an offshore drilling barge working from their Bradford workshop. The cylinder unit was overhauled as part of a Managed Crane

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