IHI Slewing Bearing Changeout

Alatas Service Field Service Location Singapore Manufacturer IHI Alatas Singapore Pte Ltd was called out to perform an IHI slewing bearing changeout. Organising the resource, tools and floating crane to carry out the slewing bearing, the team carried out the replacement at Singapore anchorage. A floating crane was used to work on Crane No.4 on

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IHI Crane Service

Alatas Service Field Services Location Singapore Crane Manufacturer IHI Crane Model HVKP-ST Equipment HVL-SS Hoising Motor We performed a IHI crane service to replace hoisting motor and luffing motor during bunkering. Units replaced were IHI hydraulic motors type HVKP-ST for traversing motion and hoisting motor HVL-SS. Control valve block spool was scored beyond repair so

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IHI Crane Motor Changeout

Alatas Service Field Service, System Upgrades Location Singapore Crane Manufacturer IHI-Wuhan Crane Model SS360200-280B This IHI crane motor changeout was for Crane-3 on board our client’s vessel. An IHI-Wuhan crane (type SS360200-280B) had suffered electric burn damage to its main motor. The crane’s construction didn’t allow for the E-motor (140 kW) to pass through the

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IHI Crane Sheave Changeout

Alatas Service Field Service Location Singapore Crane Manufacturer IHI Crane Model H254200-240 An IHI Mk.II deck crane, model H254200-240, required its broken rope sheaves to be replaced. Alatas Singapore mobilised its team to extract the sheave pin utilising a strong-back and a push-pull jacking arrangement. However, the rope sheave shaft was seized tight and had

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