Hoist Gearbox Change Turkey

Alatas Service Field Service, Inspections,Workshop Location Istanbul, Turkey Vessel Bulk Carrier Crane Type Deck Crane Equipment Type Hoisting Gearbox In addition to the marine crane hoisting brake troubleshooting, we recently supplied, a client also required our services for a hoist gearbox change in Turkey. An engineer from Alatas Turkey located in Istanbul attended the bulk …

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Offshore Ship Crane Inspections

Alatas Service Field Service, Inspections Location Istanbul, Turkey Vessel Offshore Supply Ship Crane Type Deck Crane Crane 1 Huisman 850 MT Crane 2 Liebherr CBO 3600-100 Alatas Turkey carried out offshore ship crane inspections on a Huisman 850 MT and a Liebherr CBO 3600-100. These cranes were on an offshore supply ship docking in Istanbul. …

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hoist gearbox overhaul

Hoist Gearbox Overhaul

Alatas Service Field Service Location Indonesia Equipment Type Ship Crane Crane Manufacturer MacGregor Crane Model K5028-4HD A client requested Alatas Indonesia to check the hoist problem from a MacGregor K5028-4HD onboard FLF Mutiara Jawa and perform an overhaul if required. Alatas Indonesia mobilised two marine crane engineers to troubleshoot this MacGregor K5028-4HD crane and its …

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Demag Hoist Gearbox Repair

Demag Hoist Gearbox Repair

Alatas Service Workshop Repairs Location Houston, USA Crane Type All Terrain Mobile Crane Crane Manufacturer Demag Crane Model AC650 Equipment Type Hoisting Gearbox Equipment Manufacturer Rexroth Alatas Americas recently performed Demag hoist gearbox repairs applying their extensive knowledge on various gearboxes in their Houston workshop. Due to leakage, the client initially sent this hoist gearbox …

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Stiebel gearbox refurbishment

Alatas Service: Workshop RepairsLocation: UKManufacterer: StiebelEquipment: Gearbox Here is a before and after of a Stiebel gearbox refurbishment carried out at Alatas specialist workshops. Job Gallery for Stiebel gearbox refurbishment

Mitsubishi crane gearbox changeout

Mitsubishi Crane Gearbox Changeout

Alatas Service: Field ServiceLocation: SingaporeManufacturer: Mitsubishi Equipment: Gearbox Alatas Singapore crane services attended a vessel to perform a Mitsubishi crane gearbox changeout for a pair of deck cranes. One of the cranes had a damaged hoisting winch gearbox that needed changing. It was replaced with a new planetary gearbox was already on board. Using a …

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KGW-Luzhou Hoist Winch Gearbox Replacement

KGW-Luzhou Hoist Winch Gearbox Replacement

Alatas Service: Field ServiceLocation: SingaporeManufacturer: KGW-Luzhou Model: EH 3028-2 In this KGW-Luzhou hoist winch gearbox replacement project, the client’s vessel was equipped with four SWL 30 ton EH 3028-2 deck crane units. Crane-4 was out of order due to very heavy leakage from the hoist winch gearbox. To have the crane operational at the next loading …

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Hoist Winch Gearbox Repairs To Tsuji Deck Crane

Alatas Service Field Service, Workshop Repairs Location Singapore Crane Manufacturer Tsuji Crane Model SSCHS4525-T1 Winch Manufacturer Sumitomo ComPower Winch Model CPHFL-160A-QS-67A Alatas Tsuji Crane Specialists were called in to perform hoist winch gearbox repairs to a Tsuji deck crane. The client’s container feeder vessel is equipped with Tsuji SSCHS4525-T1 deck cranes lifting capacity of SWL …

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Overhaul of Kobelco Niigata Gearbox

Alatas Service Workshop Repairs Location Hong Kong Gearbox Manufacturer Kobelco Gearbox Model Niigata Alatas Hong Kong performed an overhaul of a Kobelco Niigata gearbox. Two gear wheels were found to be cracked with one with a large piece missing. Other parts damaged parts found were a gear support shaft, three gear wheels (tooth damage), piston …

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