Gottwald HMK90E Fault Finding

ALATAS’ SERVICE FIELD SERVICE / PARTS SUPPLY LOCATION   UK / MERSY WHARF EQUIPMENT   MOBILE HARBOR CRANES BRAND GOTTWALD / HMK90E Introduction: The customer reached out to Alatas for help with their crane, which was experiencing issues with hoisting up or down. Background: After a brief period of being parked, the crane was unable […]

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Brake Rendering Test

ALATAS’ SERVICE FIELD SERVICE LOCATION   EUROPE, POLAND, THE BALTIC SEA EQUIPMENT   COMBINED ANCHOR MOORING SYSTEM BRAND / MODEL ROLLS ROYCE MW 220 E / CU 81 U3 Introduction: Alatas Poland carried out a comprehensive brake rendering test on Safe Working Load (SWL) 22-ton mooring winches manufactured by RR at the bustling port in

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ALATAS’ SERVICE FIELD SERVICE LOCATION   EUROPE / SPAIN / LAS PALMAS EQUIPMENT   SINGLE DECK CRANE BRAND / MODEL TSUJI HEAVY INDUSTRIES CO.LTD. TLB 36T 30 M INTRO Technicians from Alatas Turkey began inspecting the Crane. They noted the crane’s flaws and defects, including rust, corrosion, an oil leak, broken lights, a stopper, a



MACGREGOR / GLB3629-2/28.829GR FIELD SERVICE LOCATION   EUROPE / SPAIN / SAILING EQUIPMENT   SHIP CRANES / DECK CRANE BRAND / MODEL MACGREGORE / GLB3629-2/28.829GR INTRO The Alatas Turkey experts initially checked the crane and discovered that the hoisting system was not going both ways. They performed removal, draining, and installation after specific tests were


Macgregor glb heel pin change

Alatas Service Field Service, Parts Supply, Engineering Location EMEA, Europe, Spain, ALGECIRAS Equipment Type Merchant ShippingShip Cranes Cranes Macgregor GLB Intro / summary Alatas engineered solution and executed heel pin change on Macgregor GLB cranes. Job scope Alatas provided firm and decisive engineering planning, which allowed the project to be executed without shore cranes, delays,

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Deck Crane inspection in Adana

Alatas Service Field Service, Inspections Location Adana, Turkey Equipment Type Ship Cranes Crane Manufacturer TTS Crane Models 3252, 3253, 3254, 3255 Since Alatas Turkey began their operations in 2019, they have attended ship cranes at shipyards and anchorage around the region covering Art, Istanbul, Çelebi, Yalova, İskenderun and Borusan. For this deck crane inspection in

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Liebherr Crane Control System Replacement

Liebherr Crane Control System Replacement

Alatas Service Offshore Location Dutch Sector Equipment Type Offshore Pedestal Crane Crane Manufacturer Liebherr Crane Model BOS 40/1200 A major offshore client contracted Alatas UK for the replacement of a Liebherr crane control system and a general overhaul of a BOS 40/1200 pedestal crane in Dutch waters. Job Scope Phase 1 Replacement of Hydraulics Components

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Luffing Rope Replacement Scotland

Alatas Service Field Service Location Montrose, Scotland Vessel Type Cargo Equipment Type Deck Crane Manufacturer Liebherr Model CBB 250 Our client required a luffing rope replacement in Scotland when they found damage to the luffing rope of one of their vessel’s Liebherr CBB 250 deck cranes. For the work, Alatas UK mobilised two Service Technicians

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Winch Drum Dowel Pin FEA

Alatas Service Design and Engineering Location UK, Semi-Submersible Drilling Platform Equipment Type Portside Crane Boom Winch Crane Manufacturer NOV Crane Model NOV National OS 435, 40MT Alatas Engineering and Design Services (AEDS) delivered a winch drum dowel pin FEA (finite element analysis) for a drilling client located in the UK. The scope of the work

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