Slewing bearing changeout at alatas Singapore lay-by berth

Alatas Service  Field Service, Slewing Bearing Replacement
Location  ALATAS Singapore Layby Berth
Vessel TypeGeared Bulkers
EquipmentMarine Cranes, Deck Cranes
CranesMitsubishi, IHI, MacGregor, TTS, Liebherr, Manabe, Kawasaki, Tsuji


Geared Bulkers that use their deck cranes in heavy-duty grab operations often experience heavy slewing bearing wear and premature slewing bearing failure. It manifests itself in excessive metal particles in the slewing-bearing grease and increased axial clearance. Eventually, a new slew bearing needs to be installed.


ALATAS specializes in the supply and installation of new slewing bearings. We place particular emphasis on design, certification, and QC control, you may download our brochure here: Slewing Bearings from Alatas – QC procedures.pdf.

And we specialize in slewing bearing change-out, either in a Ship Yard using Yard Cranes, at a lay-by berth using Mobile Cranes, or at anchorage using Floating Cranes. We pride ourselves to offer the fastest and cheapest slewing bearing change out possible.

At ALATAS Singapore, we have partnered up with a local repair wharf and use a jetty that can accommodate Bulkers with a draft of up to 5.0m. Usage of the wharf and facilities is kept to a minimum of 24 hours because all preparation work and all post-slewing bearing installation work is carried out by our team at the anchorage. This keeps both the cost and time requirements of a deck crane slewing bearing installation to an absolute minimum.

We manage the slewing bearing change out as a turn-key project that includes the following:

job scope


  • Removal of crane wire ropes
  • Supply of rigging gear and removal of the crane boom (using the vessel’s deck crane)
  •  Disconnecting slip ring unit
  •  Loosening slewing bearing bolts
  • Install rigging and lifting slings to lift off the crane tower

AT THE JETTY (duration alongside 24 hours):

  • Provision of lay-by berth including husbandry services
  •  Supply of suitable Mobile Crane
  •  Lifting the crane tower off the vessel
  •  Removal of the old bearing and fitting of the new slewing bearing at the jetty
  •  Laser flatness measurement of the pedestal flange
  •  If flange machining is required: Supply in-situ machines and labor
  • Lifting of the crane tower back onto the vessel
  • Hand tightening of slewing bearing bolts


  • Torquing of slewing-bearing fasteners
  • Installation of slip ring unit
  • Installation of the crane boom
  • Wire rope reeving
  • Adjusting limit switches and function testing
  • Crane overload testing using Alatas waterbags

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