Slew Bearing Replacement

Alatas’ ServiceField Service    
EquipmentPortal Jib Crane  
ModelButterley 16T    


Alatas was asked to overhaul an existing Butterley, rail-mounted portal jib crane. Sections of the crane were to be dismantled for further investigation and the crane had to be relocated as part of the refurbishment program


The Butterley crane had already completed several years of service, and due to berth constraints, instead of replacing it, it was agreed that the owners would refurbish it.


The jib and counterweight had to be removed as part of the refurbishment, and while they were out, the slew bearing was replaced.


  • The crane had been deep cleaned as part of the refurbishment, including the slew area.
  • The slew motors were removed, and the gearboxes were raised and blocked to ensure the pinions were disengaged for the bearing teeth.
  • The slip ring assembly was disconnected.
  • As the jib had already been removed, the counterweight arm and tie-rod were secured to the A-frame.
  • All bolts were removed and the complete machinery house was removed from the portal chassis.
  • Bearing mounting surfaces were laser-checked for flatness.
  • Following the completion of the checks, a new bearing was installed and the machinery house was lifted back onto the portal chassis.
  • Bolts were tightened, slew pinions engaged and gearboxes and motors remounted.
  • Finally, the jib and counterweights were re-installed, before final testing.

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