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Field Service

Alatas has a global network of experienced service personnel to serve all sectors.

Our technicians out in the field and office administrators work together with clients to provide quality services for all industries across the globe.

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Workshop Repairs

With workshops stationed across key global service stations, we offer specialist remanufacturing services at competitive prices.

Working to OEM standards, we regularly work to tight deadlines to keep our client’s assets in operation. Our Workshops perform repairs and equipment changeouts, supplying parts using our extensive stock.

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Parts Supply

From troubleshooting, procurement, design and installation, we offer a complete Parts Supply service.

Our network of workshops and industry know-how allows us to get our clients the components they need. Our experienced design team and field technicians help keep their cranes in operation while keeping downtime to a minimum.

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Alatas Icon Sales

Equipment Sales

With 30 years of experience dealing with cranes, we know a good deal when we see one.

If you are buying or selling cranes or equipment, we can help facilitate the sale by offering assistance with inspection, transportation, design-adaptation and commissioning.

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Alatas Icon System-Upgrades

System Upgrades

We keep cranes and machinery in operation with customised upgrades.

Our technicians in the field or in our workshops can overhaul and reprogram controls and systems for obsolete or rare equipment.

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Alatas offers crane service for ship, marine, pedestal, harbour, mobile and offshore cranes.

Alatas has grown by providing all service offers for almost all crane brands available. We look forward to helping you reduce the cost of your operations, without compromising on service.

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