Alatas ServiceDeck Crane Accident Repair
Steel Fabrication & Repair
LocationAsia, Singapore
Equipment TypeDeck Crane
CranesTSUJI, HDHS 3528, SWL 35Ton x 28M


The vessel had an accident at the last loading port. On crane 1, the luffing winch had a catastrophic failure, causing the boom to free fall which in turn caused consecutive damage. Among others, the rope sheave console at the top of the crane slewing column got severely damaged. The sheave side shields, and structure were found deformed and the rope sheaves were jammed.


The damaged console complete with the rope sheave assembly had to be cropped off and a new assembly needed to be supplied and welded in place. Our ALATAS crane design department in Europe designed a replacement solution and produced the fabrication drawings. Our Alatas Singapore workshop fabricated and supplied a new top sheave assembly complete with class certification documentation.

Our ALATAS steel repair team attended on board at anchorage to install the pre-fabricated console, an Alatas Sr. Engineer then conducted a test run on the crane and the Alatas load test team carried out the final overload test to complete the repairs.


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