Replacement of Boom Section Damaged Lacings and Load Test 



A routine boom inspection on a vessel revealed the presence of a welding crack and lacing damage, calling for immediate attention to ensure safety and operational efficiency. In the face of limited material details, Alatas Middle East took charge of the situation, conducting a meticulous chemical test and formulating a comprehensive repair plan to restore the boom to its full potential.


The significance of regular boom inspections was underscored when a close examination uncovered a welding crack and lacing damage. However, the challenge lay in the absence of detailed material information about the boom. To address this uncertainty and craft an effective repair strategy, a chemical test was conducted to ascertain the material’s composition accurately.

Alatas’ Solution:

Alatas Middle East stepped in with a solution-driven approach. They initiated a chemical test to precisely identify the material used in the boom. Armed with this essential information, they proceeded to perform the necessary repair work, with a well-defined repair proposal in hand.

Job Scope:

The scope of work executed by Alatas Middle East in this intricate operation was as follows:

  1. Initial Boom Inspection: The first step was to conduct a thorough examination of the boom, uncovering the welding crack and lacing damage that required immediate attention.
  2. Identify the Material: Due to the unavailability of material details, a chemical test was performed to precisely identify the composition of the boom. This data was vital for crafting an appropriate repair plan.
  3. Prepare a Repair Proposal: With a clear understanding of the material, a detailed repair proposal was formulated, outlining the necessary steps to restore the boom to operational standards.
  4. Carry Out the Renewal: The meticulous execution of the repair plan, including welding and lacing, was undertaken to address the identified issues and ensure the boom’s integrity.
  5. Load Testing after Renewal: The final stage involved load testing to validate the effectiveness of the repairs and ensure the boom’s reliability in real-world conditions.

Alatas Middle East’s unwavering commitment to safety and operational excellence is evident in their approach to this challenging situation. Their ability to adapt and provide precise solutions, even in the absence of critical material data, underscores their reputation as a trusted partner in the maritime industry. The successful restoration of the boom’s integrity serves as a testament to their expertise and dedication to delivering comprehensive maritime solutions.

Inspection on the Crane boom and repair identification

Damaged section renewal on the crane boom

Testing after renewal crane boom


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