Renewal of Luffing Hoist Gearbox Drive



When our client approached us with a request to rejuvenate their luffing hoist gearbox drive unit, the dedicated team at ALATAS Middle East swung into action. This article outlines the comprehensive solution we provided to tackle this intricate machinery upgrade.


Our client sought to replace the aging luffing hoist gearbox drive unit with a newly overhauled one. This crucial task required precision, expertise, and a well-coordinated effort to ensure the seamless functioning of their equipment.


To address our client’s needs effectively, ALATAS Middle East assembled a three-person team, consisting of a Senior Service Engineer (SSE), a Hydraulic Technician, and a Skilled Technician (ST).

Job Scope: Here’s a breakdown of the meticulous steps we undertook to complete the luffing hoist gearbox drive renewal:

  1. Mobilization of Manpower: Our team of three experts was dispatched to the anchorage location of the vessel, MILS Gemma.
  2. Inspection and Preparation: We meticulously inspected the luffing hoist winch unit and prepared all the necessary rigging materials for the task ahead.
  3. Securing Wire Ropes and Drums: Ensuring safety first, we securely fastened both the main and luffing hoist wire ropes and drums.
  4. Hydraulic Components Removal: The hydraulic connections and limit switch were carefully removed to facilitate the gearbox drive replacement.
  5. Motor and Brake Assembly Removal: We proceeded to remove both the main and luffing hoist hydraulic motors and brake assemblies.
  6. HPU Handling: The Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) was skillfully lifted and secured in place to prepare for further disassembly.
  7. Hoist Drum Disassembly: With precision, we removed the luffing hoist drum unit from the pedestal and positioned it on the deck area.
  8. Gearbox Drive Replacement: The old gearbox drive was detached from the hoist drum, making way for the installation of the new gearbox drive.
  9. Reassembly and Installation: The luffing hoist drum assembly was carefully lifted back onto the pedestal, followed by the reinstallation of the new gearbox drive assembly.
  10. Final Reassembly: We completed the process by re-installing the main and luffing hoist side plate, limit switch unit, hydraulic motor, and brake assemblies.
  11. HPU Restoration: The HPU was precisely fitted back into its original position, ensuring the correct mounting arrangement.
  12. Hydraulic Reconnection: All hydraulic connections were meticulously reconnected to ensure seamless operation.
  13. Support Removal: With the task completed, we removed the hoist drum and HPU support.
  14. Functional Testing: To guarantee the effectiveness of our work, we conducted a comprehensive function test to ensure everything was operating flawlessly.

At ALATAS, we pride ourselves on delivering expert solutions that revitalize critical machinery like the luffing hoist gearbox drive. Our meticulous approach and dedicated team ensure that our clients’ equipment functions at its best, contributing to their operational success.

Removal of motors, brakes & gearbox drive

Removal of gearbox unit

Re-installation of luffing hoist drum & load test


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