Recover, Repair & Re-Instate Damaged Crane

Intro / summary

The client contracted ALATAS following a catastrophic crane failure.


The Crane toppled backward due to a faulty boom limit switch.   A local contractor recently inspected the crane, but the limits were never checked.

Alatas’s solution

ALATAS provided a full onsite forensic investigation into what caused this catastrophic failure.  We pinpointed the issue with the boom limit and dump valves and proceeded to rectify the items.

Job scope

  • ALATAS was contracted to complete the initial accident investigation
  • We presented a safe lifting plan and procedure for component & boom removal
  • Alatas then made a successful recovery with all the components without any further asset damage
  • Alatas did a critical load path NDT inspection on all the remaining structure
  • ALATAS removed all the essential items for complete refurbishment at the ALATAS repair facility. Things included: Fixed Bridle, Control Valves, dump valves, limit valves, Floating Bridle, Boom Tip, etc.
  • Additional items were procured: boom sections, wire ropes, connection pins, Pendants, Hook blocks, etc.
  • All items were rebuilt, tested, and then returned to the ALATAS repair facility.
  • ALATAS installed all items that were ordered new
  • ALATAS completed reeving of all cables
  • ALATAS completed hosing up and connecting all rebuilt valves, dump valves & limit switch valves.
  • ALATAS commissioned the system with all the new & rebuilt components successfully.  All the while ensuring all limits and safeties were adequately working.
  • ALATAS installed a safe load indication system, LSI. That replaced the obsolete system that was no longer working.
  • ALATAS successfully carried out load testing
  • ALATAS handed the crane back over to the customer, fully functional.

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