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For Crane troubleshooting, professionals from Alatas Turkey were contacted. The Crane was first examined and tested by Alatas technicians. They offered a few observations, substitutions, and suggestions. Additionally, the personnel examined the remote control cables and solenoid valves.


The Alatas Turkey technicians attended to the ship to troubleshoot the provision crane.


Technicians from Alatas Turkey first met with the chief officer before making observations, doing maintenance, and making recommendations.

Job scope

  • After the technicians had a meeting with the chief officer, they
  • checked the pressure values first.
  • They used a crane from the remote control, but no movement was observed in the hook block.
  • Then they replaced the slewing solenoid connection jack with a hook block and tested it. Alatas technicians detected that the hook block was working.
  • After that, they reinstated solenoid jacks.
  • They checked the remote control unit and detected damage to the cables.
  • The Alatas TR specialists advised replacing the solenoid jacks and the remote control cable, as well as recommending a re-examination after changes have been made.
  • The technicians of Alatas Turkey performed a remote control cable examination and found the cable to be damaged.
  • The solenoid valves were examined, and it was discovered that there is no issue with the solenoid valves.
  • Then they did the signal test on the remote control cable and it has been determined that it is working in a good condition.
  • Finally, the crew removed the terminal panel’s protective cover while the Alatas Turkey service engineer waited. The crew then replaced the 1×26 cable between the main panel and the terminal panel with the new 1×26 cable.


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