Provision Crane Maintenance In Tuzla, Istanbul



Alatas Turkey experts were engaged for the crane maintenance. The flexible hoses, electrical wires for solenoid valves, control block’s iron, and flexible hoses were all tagged and taken out by the specialists. The solenoid valves, hoisting drum, and other components were taken out and brought to the workshop. They carried out some remanufacturing, cleaning, and recommendations. They also completed some assembly.


The technicians from Alatas Turkey were on board the ship to provide crane maintenance.


The professionals from Alatas Turkey carried out some removal, replacement, assembly, and recommendations in order to successfully complete the maintenance on the crane.


  • After administering to the vessel, the Alatas Turkey technicians got to work on getting ready to maintain the supply crane. The technicians individually labeled each flexible hose before removing it to collect a sample. Along with removing the control block and marking and removing each of its iron hoses individually, they also placed the control block in a secure location before moving it to the workshop.
  • They then used rags to cover the iron hoses on the control block.
  • The technicians also marked and took out the electrical cords from the solenoid valves. As a result of their inspection, it was discovered that the solenoid valves’ working conditions were poor and that the valves themselves were broken. The techs suggested replacing it with a new one.
  • Afterward, the shipyard engineer showed the Alatas team six hydraulic hoses that needed to be replaced. However, after inspecting all of the hoses, the Alatas team determined that nine of the hydraulic hoses were damaged and needed to be replaced.
  • The hoisting drum, solenoid valves, and other components were taken out of service the next day and transported to the workshop by the Alatas Turkey personnel.
  • The specialists believed that because they were all damaged, the bolts on the slewing hydraulic motor needed to be replaced.
  • The control block was then put together by the technicians. Alatas technicians replaced the O-rings that were damaged with new ones after discovering the issue.
  • They rasp and fixed the control block.
  • The experts also cleaned the bolt connection surface, removed the hoisting wire drum attachment point, remanufactured the hoisting wire connection point, and changed the control block o-ring set.
  • On the last day of the project, the Alatas TR experts removed the freefall flexible hydraulic hoses and the freefall control block and brought them to the Alatas workshop. The drum’s exterior was cleaned.
  • The hydraulic motor was cleaned and prepared for disassembly to the hydraulic motor by the technicians.
  • The technicians found the bearing to be damaged and recommended renewing it with a new one.
  • Finally, the Alatas Turkey technicians removed the bolts by cutting them and suggested replacing them with new ones.

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