In a recent maritime mission, Alatas Turkey’s team of skilled technicians embarked on a journey to Adana with a singular mission: to breathe new life into the provision crane on a vessel. What began as a routine inspection soon unveiled a complex problem: the provision crane’s jib top luffing sheave was not just damaged but had an entangled wire. The challenge was clear, and the solution had to be swift. The Alatas Turkey technicians made the bold decision to dismantle the jib top sheaves and set in motion a sequence of events that would showcase their remarkable problem-solving prowess.


Alatas Turkey’s technicians were summoned to the vessel for a crucial task – renewing the jib top sheaves of the provision crane. The team was no stranger to such assignments, but little did they know what awaited them in the heart of Adana.

Alatas’ Solution:

As the technicians from Alatas Turkey dug deeper into their inspection, they uncovered the crux of the issue. The provision crane’s jib top luffing sheave was not merely damaged, but it had ensnared a wire within its mechanical labyrinth. Such a situation demanded immediate attention, and the Alatas Turkey team was ready to rise to the occasion. They opted for a daring move—dismantling the jib top sheaves.

Job Scope:

In their quest to revive the provision crane, the Alatas Turkey technicians voyaged to Adana, ready to work their magic. The pivotal moment unfolded during a board meeting at 10:30 a.m., which would alter the course of the operation. An unsettling revelation came to light: there were no spare parts on board.

The technicians meticulously examined the provision crane and pinpointed the problem: the jib top luffing sheave had succumbed to damage thanks to a stubbornly entangled wire. The root cause was traced back to an incorrect installation of the provision crane’s luffing wire, a critical oversight. To tackle this complex challenge, the technicians took the bold decision to dismantle the jib top sheaves.

However, a new twist in the tale emerged. The crane refused to budge due to the obstructive wire. Undaunted, the Alatas Turkey technicians devised an ingenious solution: connecting the boom center and the tower with a chain hoist, allowing them to lift the boom and finally disassemble the stubborn wire.

Yet, the maritime narrative was not without its setbacks. The ship’s captain issued an order to cancel the operation, injecting a dose of frustration into the mix. Adding to the woes, the vessel’s arrival at port was delayed by three hours due to a holdup in obtaining the necessary customs clearance documents from the agency.

In the face of these challenges, Alatas Turkey’s technicians demonstrated not just their technical prowess but also their unwavering commitment to overcoming obstacles. Their story of resilience in the maritime world is one to inspire and admire.


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