No 4 Crane Hoisting Gearbox Change Out in Latvıa and Lıthuanıa

Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationEMEA, Latvia & Lithuania
Equipment TypeShip Crane
Deck Crane


The Alatas Turkey technicians first marked and removed all the hydraulic hoses. They made the hoisting hydraulic motor and luffing hydraulic motor. Then, they removed the pressure switches and solenoid valves. They dismantled the old hoisting gearbox and installed the new gearbox. They torqued all the gearbox bolts and completed all other necessary adjustments to complete the task and guarantee optimum results.


The technicians of Alatas Turkey made all the necessary removals, disassemblies, installations, and adjustments to change out the crane hoisting gearbox.


The Alatas Turkey technicians traveled to Latvia and Lithuania and boarded the vessel to start the job immediately.

As preparation for the tasks, the hook block was laid on the ground, and hoisting and luffing wires were secured. The technicians marked all the hydraulic hoses and then removed them. They dismantled the hoisting hydraulic motor block and transferred them to a lower floor. They also dismantled the hoisting hydraulic motor and set it aside. When the hydraulic motor was dismantled, the technicians observed that burnt oil came from the gearbox. They dismantled the luffing hydraulic motor and set it aside.

Pressure switches and solenoid valves were removed and set aside too. Both the hoisting and luffing drums were secured with chain blocks.

Then the outside flange of the hoisting and luffing drum was dismantled and set in a good position.

The bottom of the gearbox was supported by wood. The technicians dismantled the old hoisting gearbox with the pulling method. They transferred the gearbox to the outside platform.

Crane number 3 was requested for the transfer of the old gearbox, but it was not received immediately. After this task was completed, a new gearbox was transferred inside the crane by the Alatas Turkey technicians.

The technicians sanded the surface of the hoisting gearbox. Then the length of the drain pipe in the new gearbox was cut, measured, and replaced accordingly. The technicians installed the new gearbox in place with the pushing method. Gearbox bolts were put in place. The technicians torqued all the gearbox bolts with a torque branch. They installed the outside flange of the hoisting and luffing gearbox in place. They tightened outside flange bolts and used a torque branch.

On the last day of the job, the Alatas Turkey technicians installed the luffing hydraulic motor, hoisting hydraulic motor, and hoisting hydraulic motor block in place. They adjusted the hoisting gearbox intermediate, installed pressure switches and solenoid valves, and connected the hydraulic hoses. The crew then filled the oil for the gearboxes and hydraulic tank and measured the air inside the system. Then the crane was then tested to observe optimum results.


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