Offshore Hose Repair Workshop

Offshore Hose Repair Workshop

The Alatas Mobile Offshore Hose Repair Workshop was set up to include all the required equipment to make complete hose change-outs as quick and straightforward as possible.

As well as having all the required equipment to cut, crimp, clean and test hoses in-situ offshore, Alatas also provides a Hose Management Team including a Hose Expert, a Crane Service Technician and Service Mechanics.

Larger teams can be dispatched as required to minimise downtime. Also included in the service is an Ultra Clean Hose and Tube Cleaning system for cleaning out hoses and hydraulic lines.

Our 20 Offshore Hose Workshops operate in compliance with regulations EN12079-1:2006/DNV2.7-1:2006 and are therefore certified for use offshore by both DNV & Lloyds, certificates for container and lifting slings are available upon request.
ALATAS Offshore Hose Workshop equipment List

Alatas Offshore Hose Workshop Equipment List

  • Crimping machine & die stand
  • Cut off saw
  • Pressure testing unit
  • Compressor
  • Hose turntable
  • Hose storage area
  • Air con heat/cool unit
  • Tool board
  • Stock bins
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Extractor fan
  • MegaClean Hose Cleaning Gun

All hoses that are supplied by Alatas will complete a Hydrostatic Test immediately before installation. Our testing serves the purpose of confirming the integrity of the hose and coupling interface and ensuring the reinforcement is intact.

Hydrostatic testing is essential for high pressure hoses to establish clear, concise records on the quality of installed hoses, their safety and durability under OEM specified operating pressures and procedures. As well as testing according to OEM specifications and industry standards, we can check to suit customer requirements when needed.

Prior to any installation, all hoses are inspected for leaks and measured with full data recorded. Every hose installed by Alatas is be tagged and given an individual serial number. Following the completion of a hose installation, Alatas supply a Hose Registry Master List that will include the following information:

Hose Registry Master List

  • Hose serial number
  • Fitting 1
  • Fitting 2
  • Hose type
  • Hose length
  • Working Pressure
  • Test pressure
  • Length of test
  • Location/Application
  • Date
  • Tester name

We then issue an individual test certificate for every tested hose that has been supplied.

Alatas Hose Certificate

We can also offer optional InfoChip technology that provides our customers 24/7 online access to view hose registers, certifications and schedules.

RFID and mobile handhelds are available for on-site hose identification, status, detail and location, which in turn is synced with the online register to view hose history through the crane’s lifecycle.


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