Washington Iron Works 30-185-10 Drive Upgrade

Washington Iron Works Model 30-185-10 Drive Upgrade
Alatas ServiceSystem Upgrades
Product TypeWhirley Crane, Drive Upgrades
Crane ManufacturerWashington Iron Works
Crane Model30-185-10 | SWL 150 tons

The Alatas team in the US performed a Washington Iron Works 30-185-10 drive upgrade. Read this Job Report to find the full scopes of all of the work that took place.

Details for Drive Upgrade

The following drives were upgraded:

– Travel

Drive utilised was an ABB DCS800.

Junction Box / Enclosure Upgrades

The original junction boxes and enclosures were made from a mild steel construction which had surpassed their service life. All boxes and enclosures were replaced with SS to ensure long service life.

Load Monitoring Upgrade

During the downtime period, a load monitoring system was added to give the operator an accurate load weight indication as well as radius and boom angle. These systems include the crane’s load chart giving the operator a SWL readout for any given radius.

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