Washington Iron Works 24-90 Drive Upgrade

Washington Iron Works 24-90 Drive Upgrade
Alatas ServiceSystem Upgrades
Product TypeWhirley Crane, Drive Upgrades
Crane ManufacturerWashington Iron Works
Crane Model24-90 | SWL 45 tons

The Alatas team in the US performed a Washington Iron Works 24-90 drive upgrade. Read this Job Report to find the full scope of all of the work that took place.

Details for Washington Iron Works 24-90 Drive Upgrade

The following drives were upgraded:

– Hoist

Magnetic drives were utilised in line with the other drives used in the yard. The new motor installed has a built-in encoder for more precise control and the new brake system is auto-adjusting to reduce the need for maintenance.

Operator Control Upgrades

The operator controls were upgraded to increase safety, efficiency and control of the machine as the machine operates as if it was not a friction crane. The new joystick incorporates four multi-use switches which can be arranged for a multitude of purposes: slow hoist upslow hoist down and ¼ speed horn are just a few examples.

PLC Upgrade Details

A modern PLC and HMI were added to compliment the drive upgrade package. The PLC controls the inputs into the drives, brakes, clutches and other critical components to ensure full and safe control. The PLC logic adheres to the most updated ASME standard for crane control requirements. 

The HMI provides a visualization & function activation to the operator for the following:

  • Current system alarms
  • Status of locking dogs/pawls
  •  Status of clutches 
  • Status of brakes
  • Status of auxiliary systems
  • Status of current inputs & outputs
  • High speed/Low speed selection
  • Auto Dog/Pawl Set

A load monitoring system was added for increased safety for all personnel involved with lifting operations. It displays the SWL of the crane at the radius in which the boom is currently positioned and shows the actual hook load when loads are lifted.


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