Walker Shiploader Fire Repairs

Alatas ServiceField Service, Engineering
Crane ManufacturerWalker
Crane TypeShiploader

Alatas UK Ltd was requested to carry out Walker shiploader repairs after fire damage at a site near Bristol in the UK. 

The hydraulic pumping unit (HPU) on the shiploader caught fire and the damage from the fire destroyed the HPU, causing significant damage to the surrounding structure and walkways.  

There was also damage to electrical equipment and cabling, the operator’s cab and various fixtures and fittings which was a result of both the fire and the subsequent emergency response by the fire brigade.

A Field Service team attended site for a survey to assess the damage and define requirements to recover the Walker shiploader.

Job Scope for Walker Shiploader Fire Repairs

  • Removal of Existing HPU (Hydraulic Power Pack Unit) 20ft container
  • Removal of Oil Cooler
  • Replacement of Cabin Window Glasses
  • Repair of Shiploader Operator Chair
  • Replacement of Damaged Electrical Cables, Junction Boxes, Lights etc.
  • Replacement of Walkways structure
  • Lifting support for the replacement of HPU Container support structure
  • Replacement of damaged section of the HAC Conveyor Cladding
  • Replacement of Damaged Windboards
  • Installation of mew HPU 20ft container
  • Commissioning of works

Damages to Walker Shiploader

Structural Walker Shiploader Repairs

Electronic repairs to Walker Shiploader Testing


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