Sourcing and Commissioning of Used Crane

sourcing and commissioning of used crane
Alatas ServiceEquipment Sales, Workshop Repairs, Field Service
LocationJebel Ali, Dubai Maritime City, UAE
Crane Type Wire rope Luffing Deck Crane
Crane ManufacturerSea Hercules
Crane ModelSH2000SEM

Alatas Middle East was contracted for this sourcing and commissioning of a used crane for a client in Jebel Ali, Dubai.

A crane operating on a client’s jack up barge had become unreliable due to its age, so they utilised Alatas Middle East and Alatas Worldwide to source a suitable secondhand crane as a replacement. The client also used our Workshop capabilities and Field expertise to refurbish, prepare and commission the used crane to bring it back into operations across the Middle East.

Sourcing the Used Crane

With a trusted global network, Alatas Worldwide successfully sourced a five year old Sea Hercules SH2000SEM crane with only 4,000 running hours. Alatas provided a Supervisor to remove the crane from its original asset, to oversee that the crane was professionally dismantled and prepared for the shipment to Jebel Ali in the UAE. The Alatas Supervisor’s deployment ensured that our workshop crew would rebuild and install the crane in Dubai with ease and minimal delays.

Job Scope for Refurbishment and Commissioning of Used Crane

  • Full structural inspection NDT and repairs (where required) of the crane load path. 
  • NDT 20% of boom connection bolts 
  • In-situ inspections of pumps and motors, all brakes and winches 
  • Inspection and wobble testing of all running gear, sheaves 
  • Replacement of all external hydraulic hoses and wire ropes 
  • Hook-block strip down, inspection and rebuild. 
  • Maintenance and tune-up of the diesel engine. 
  • Replacement accumulator(s) 
  • Function test of all safety systems and floodlights 
  • Replacement of pressure gauges
  • Source and supply suitable LSI system to suit the client’s requirements  
  • Limited FAT (all primary functions and safety systems) 
  • Commissioning and load testing

Transporting the Sea Hercules SH2000SEM

Refurbishment in Dubai Dry Docks

Crane Ready for Installation

Commissioning and Load Testing


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