Ship Repair Services now on offer from Alatas Singapore

Alatas has entered into a cooperation agreement with a shipyard in Bintan and we are now able to offer berthing facilities and general ship repair services.

This includes a full range of crane repairs and deck machinery repairs, hydraulic and mechanic component repairs, heavy lift crane load testing and more – all at competitive rates.

The yard is in a duty-free zone a short 60 minutes away by ferry boat from Singapore’s Changi airport. No visa is required, and we provide full accommodation facilities to save on expensive hotel costs.

Ship Repair Services

  • Fabrication and installation of heavy steel structures
  • Mechanical assembly and installation
  • Precision machining
  • Electrical and instrumentation work
  • Non-destructive testing and load testing
  • Grit-blasting and coating
  • Logistics services
  • Marine crane repairs, overhaul, upgrades and recertification
  • Heavy lift crane load testing
  • Windlass repairs
  • Component repairs, such as hydraulic pumps and motors, valves, cylinders, gearboxes, hook blocks
  • Accident repairs
  • Modification, repairs, upgrading and conversion

Offshore logistic base services

  • Open lay-down area & covered storage area
  • Deep-water & sheltered berth (up to 14m) and anchorage (up to 40m)
  • General supply (bunker, freshwater, provisions)
  • General services (hotel accommodation, land/sea transport, visa applications, security, port agency, freight forwarding, emergency evacuation, crew change)
  • Heavy-duty rigging, lifting and shifting
  • Spooling
  • Chain flaking and loading
  • Pre-laid mooring
  • Rental of equipment (generators, boom lifts, compressors, loaders, forklifts, fenders)

Watch our Shipyard video here.

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