Overhaul of Peiner-SMAG Grabs

Marine Grab
Alatas ServiceField Service
Location Singapore
Grab ManufacturerPeiner-SMAG
Grab ModelMZGL14000-6-B

This overhaul of Peiner-SMAG MZGL14000-6-B motor grabs was for four units that had very high operating hours and were fatigued. Cracks in the steel structure, worn-out scoop hinges and hinge bolts, worn down cutting lips on the grab bucket and leaking cylinders had started to show.

The owner had planned to refurbish the grabs at a Singapore shipyard during the vessel’s drydocking. The shipyard had started to dismantle the grabs for overhaul but fell behind schedule. 

Alatas was asked to take over and removed the grab from the yard to complete the repairs on the four grabs. We transferred the grabs to our workshop as a top priority, as the vessel couldn’t afford a lengthy downtime. 

There was only a six day timeframe but utilising all our resources, working day and night on a 24/7 basis, Alatas Singapore managed to complete the repairs in time.


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