O&K FGH slewing bearing replacement

O&K FGH slewing bearing replacement

Alatas Service: Field Service Replacement
Location: Turkey
Manufacturer: O&K
Model: FGH 2x25t-30m

The customer required a slewing bearing replacement on their O&K FGH 2x25t-30m. This twin crane had been out of order for a substantial amount of time.

The crane had problems including worn-out hydraulic components and a malfunctioning control system. But after further inspection by the Alatas team, we found the main problem was a collapsed slewing bearing ring.

The unique design of this slewing ring increases its purchase price and extends its delivery time to over a year. With this in mind, the owners were considering scrapping the crane all together.

Alatas solution

Through our extensive connections in the maritime industry, we managed to source and delivered a replacement slewing bearing at half the cost and within under a month.

Alatas Singapore installed the double function bearing at the shipyard in Singapore using a floating crane. In addition to the installation, we conducted an extensive overhaul of the hydraulic components (A6VM hoist motors, A4V125 hoist pump).

We also repaired and recalibrated the electronic control system (Eberle PLC), bringing the automatic twin crane back online.

The crane then was successfully load tested in both single crane and twin crane modes. This job shows once again that Alatas, as an independent crane service organisation, provides better, faster service than original crane manufacturers.

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