Vermeer YCR-40 LMI Installation

Alatas Service: System Upgrades
Location: Hong Kong
Manufacturer: Vermeer
Model: YCR-40

A customer called in Alatas Hong Kong for a Vermeer YCR-40 LMI installation.

The original crane manufacturer, Vermeer, is no longer operating as a business so they would be unable to replace the defunct LMI (Load Moment Indication) system in place.

Alatas attended the site of the crane to record and measure the required data to design a new LMI control system.

Upgrading and testing the new LMI System

We provided the Service Engineer on-site of the new Vermeer YCR-40 LMI installation to upgrade the new angle sensor and new load pins for the control system.

The system was calibrated and tested with our 85t load cell and our water bags and handover to the client. We also added a tricolour light to comply with the requirements in Hong Kong.

Job Scope of Vermeer YCR-40 LMI Installation

  • Design of a new control system
  • Tailor-made new Load pins
  • Install new angle sensor
  • Update wire connections
  • Load test for new LMI system
  • Turnkey solution is provided by one-stop service provider Alatas
  • Full documentation provided by Alatas

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