Manitowoc Ringer 4100 Refurbishment

Alatas Service: Field Service
Region: Singapore, Dubai
Manufacturer: Manitowoc
Model: Ringer 4100

This Manitowoc Ringer 4100 refurbishment was for a diving support vessel and had been neglected. It was showing signs of corrosion as well as the drive components being worn and inoperable.

There were also problems with the electric, pneumatic and hydraulic control systems as well as the electric frequency drive for aux hoist, which had almost degraded beyond repair. The owners engaged the services of another leading crane repair company, but no progress was made during troubleshooting.

Where Alatas comes in

Due to the extent of the repairs that were needed, it meant the customer was considering decommissioning the crane. Upon arrival in Singapore, the crane was completely inoperable, but Alatas’ multi-disciplined engineers were able to make the crane operational for emergency movement.

Alatas Singapore then put forward an overhaul and refurbishing schedule that the owner accepted. This schedule consisted of the procurement the necessary new parts and components such as hydraulic pumps, motors, gearboxes were overhauled in Alatas specialised workshops in Singapore and Dubai.

A team of mechanic, hydraulic and electric Alatas specialists from both Alatas Singapore and Alatas Dubai offices attended en route from Singapore to the Middle East and reinstalled all new and refurbished components.

A full system calibration was carried out and the crane was returned to its owners in fully operational condition.

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