HMK Harbour Crane Maintenance in UK Port

HMK Harbour Crane Maintenance in Port of Dover
Alatas ServiceField Service, Party Supply
Crane TypeMobile Harbour Crane
Crane ManufacturerGottwald
Crane ModelHMK90E
Other Equipment Type Grease Pump
Equipment Lincoln 215

Alatas UK was called in to provide HMK harbour crane maintenance in a UK port. The work included 2 Yearly (4,500 hours) maintenance and repairs, condition evaluation (CCE) and load testing to enable our client’s Gottwald HMK90E back into operation.

Job Scope

  1. Replace hook block anchor shackles
  2. Slew ring pedestal cleaning
  3. Preparation, flushing and cleaning of radiator
  4. Slew ring grease distribution system inspection
  5. Slew ring bearing greasing
  6. Carry out 2 yearly/ (4,500-hour) maintenance

1. Replacement hook block anchor shackles

Alatas arranged with the customer that they would provide the new anchor shackles but had not arrived during our attendance. But shackles will be replaced by the customer once received. (Pic-1)

2. Slew ring pedestal cleaning

Our Field Service team prepared the area around the pedestal to prevent unwanted spillages and grease contaminating the ground. They then used scrapers to remove thick excess grease from around the slew bearing gap and pedestal sides. The team cleaned down the sides of the pedestal with cleaning solvents and fabric and all spillages disposed of. (Pic-2)

3. Preparation, flushing and cleaning of radiator

Our engineers isolated the engine and prepared equipment for draining the cooling system using the following equipment:

  • Empty the 210 litre barrel
  • 2-3 metres of 2″ hose
  • Cherry picker for access
  • (OAT) Long Life Antifreeze MEG (New Era brand) supplied by the customer

First, the Alatas team opened the drain plug on the radiator located externally from the engine room and held the hose against the radiator’s outlet whilst the coolant drained out. They then allowed any excess to drain whilst preparing the new coolant mixture and then flushed through with clean water and reinstalled the drain plug using a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and water to refill the cooling system. To finish, the team switched on the isolator and ran the engine for a few minutes then re-check and top up the coolant then run the engine up to normal operating temperature 80-85°. (Pic-3)

4. Slew ring grease distribution system inspection

The team inspected all the Lincoln central lubrication components paying close attention to the slew ring system. The luffing cylinder grease lines, fittings and outlets were all functioning well. The slew ring bearing grease system mounted externally was severely corroded and all fittings and manifolds were wasted, making it impossible to disconnect for checking. The hose lines were also brittle.

The team identified all the components required to replace the existing corroded parts and took sample measurements from a newer crane where the engineers could remove the fittings without damage. 

Our engineers used the Alatas Parts Supply service and arranged with our Parts team to prepare an offer to supply the required parts. The engineers finalised this section of work with a check of the Lincoln 215 grease pump assembly to ensure that grease was being pumped and distributed to the various points at a metered rate. (Pic-4)

5. Slew ring bearing greasing

Similarly to the previous step, the Alatas engineers ensured grease was being pumped around the slew bearing at a metered rate was checked during a functional test and by allowing continued pumping of grease. The pump metering valves were pre-set to pump a small amount of grease at approximately every 10-15secs. (Pic-5)

6. Carry out 2 yearly (4,500-hour) maintenance

Inspect and identify the travel axle bolts strut bolts

The bolts were corroded particularly at the shank area where the zinc protective coating had perished, and paintwork flaking. Our team removed one of the bolts to identify the condition and size – M24x390mm-HHB-10.9, DIN931 Zn c/w3.1.

Alatas Parts Supply department prepared an offer for new replacement bolts. Due to a slight delay in lead time, the customer would replace the bolts when available. (Pic-6)

PLC battery charging error

Our engineers could not clear a permanent PLC battery error although the 12v batteries are charging normally. Our team suggested the problem is related to the smaller 3.6v rechargeable batteries. (Pic-7)

Defective boom earth strap

The Gottwald HMK90E sometimes develops an earthing fault that creates a system error and problems with the cable reel functionality. The earth strap that connects the boom to the main superstructure frame was torn and worn out and the Alatas team advised the client should replace the strap. (Pic-8)

Generator coupling worn

The main engine for generator coupling teeth was worn. When the engine stops, there was a severe rattling and vibration due to the teeth chattering together. The coupling assembly should be replaced in due course. (Pic-9)


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