Dock Crane Recovery in Middle East

Alatas Service: Field Service
Location: Middle East
Manufacturer: Liebherr
Model: MTC 2600-100

Alatas Middle East completed a critical dock crane recovery after a slew bearing flange welding failure.

Job scope for Dock Crane Recovery

  1. Condition evaluation and damage assessment of the cracked area
  2. Engineering and design of safety brackets to secure the crane revolving structure for separation with the land connected part
  3. Supervision of securing of the crane in its position
  4. Engineering, design and structural calculation of the best possible anchor points for lift off and centre of gravity
  5. Preparation of lifting plan
  6. Overseeing of rigging with a 2500t floating crane
  7. Supervision of removal of safety brackets with two teams assisted by mobile work access units
  8. Supervision of lifting activity
  9. Help positioning of the revolving structure on the quayside
  10. Preparation of a full de-commissioning, repair, fabrication and commissioning documentation
  11. Supervision of installation and commissioning
  12. Load and overload test
  13. Hand over

Job Gallery for Dock Crane Recovery


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