Decommission of Gantry Crane In Hong Kong

Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane
Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationHong Kong
CraneGantry 140t

Alatas was contracted for decommission of a gantry crane in Hong Kong that was no longer needed.

The gantry crane was a Chinese brand that we had not installed and as a result, there were a number of unknown factors and restrictions including:

Job Scope

  1. Limited information and drawings
  2. Restricted space on the job site
  3. An adjacent very busy main road
  4. Many tasks that required working at height
  5. Complex rigging and tandem lifting operations

These all had to be carefully considered for our service plan, risk assessments and lifting plans.

The diligent planning and execution meant that the project was completed on time and safely. Alatas Hong Kong received a commendation from the MTR for the way in which our safe working practices were apparent throughout the project.

Decommission of Gantry Crane Job Gallery


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