Tsuji Deck Crane Boom Repair

Tsuji deck crane boom repair
Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationMiddle East
Crane ManufacturerTsuji
Crane Model4525

Alatas Middle East completed a comprehensive Tsuji deck crane boom repair and overhaul type 4525.

The damages caused to the crane boom foot section to be newly built and which was changed-out with the damaged unit. Heavy corrosion caused excessive wear on the boom top structure connecting the boom’s main section with the boom head which accommodated all luffing and hoisting wire sheaves. 

For the boom top section repair, it was necessary to separate the boom head from the main section and to rejoin after replacing large areas of corroded 6mm sheets.

Due to the load-carrying structure, it was necessary to work closely with the certifying authority GL.

Job Scope Tsuji deck crane boom repair

  1. Complete condition evaluation and damage assessment of the deck crane
  2. Engineering, design and structural calculation of a new boom foot and head section
  3. Establishment of complete repair procedures, including the class approval of GL
  4. Preparation of a full decommission, repair, fabrication and commissioning documentation
  5. Overhaul of crane hook block with GL testing and certification
  6. Overhaul of all wire rope sheaves
  7. Overhaul of boom pivot section and bearings
  8. Supervising of decommissioning, repair, fabrication, NDT and commissioning
  9. Load and overload test of the crane using a complete barge as test weight
  10. Hand Over

Alatas’ extensive expertise procuring spare parts for outdated cranes, along with our experienced engineers and workshop resources made us the perfect choice for this project.

Alatas Middle East is pleased with how the project was managed jointly with GL and the client. The handover and certification of GL underline the satisfaction of the customer and will be maintained in the years to come.


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