Bailey Dock Crane Repairs

Portal Crane repairs
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Crane TypeDock Crane
Crane ManufacturerBailey

The management of Dubai Docks invited Alatas to join their professional internal maintenance team for these Bailey dock crane repairs. This specific crane serves two of the largest dock facilities at the yard in Bur Dubai.

There were also problems with the electric, pneumatic and hydraulic control systems as well as the electric frequency drive for aux hoist, which had almost degraded beyond repair.

The owners engaged the services of another leading crane repair company, but no progress was made during troubleshooting.

Job Scope for Bailey Dock Crane Repairs

  • Complete project management
  • Condition evaluation and damage assessment of the entire dock crane
  • Engineering, design and structural calculation of a new travelling arrangement
  • Preparation and supervision of a full decommissioning, repair, fabrication and commissioning documentation
  • Establishing an updated crane certification document package and submission to the authorities for review and approval
  • Load and overload test of the crane using a barge as test weight
  • Hand over

Why Alatas were chosen

With our expertise in procuring spare parts for outdated cranes, experienced engineers and our workshop resources, Alatas was a perfect fit for these Bailey dock crane repairs.

The project, managed jointly with the Dubai Drydocks, was the first government contract Alatas Dubai received despite being a still relatively young operation in the Middle East.

The handover of the appreciation certificate of Drydocks World to Alatas Dubai underlines their satisfaction with the service they received from us.

We’re looking forward to continuing to work with them for the years to come.


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