Tsuji Slewing Bearing Changeout

Tsuji slewing bearing changeout
Alatas ServiceField Service
Vessel TypeTranshipper Barge
Crane ManufacturerTsuji
Crane ModelBEIS-3526 (35Tx26M)
Other EquipmentFuji Electric Frenic 5000VG7S Inverter Drive

A client required this Tsuji slewing bearing changeout on their Transshipper Barge. The vessel was equipped with two heavy-duty Tsuji 4-rope crane units.

Both are type BEIS-3526 (35Tx26M) with fully electric drive systems and with a Fuji Electric Frenic 5000VG7S Inverter Drive.

The cranes had amassed more than 10,000 operating hours and wear was showing on the slewing bearing. The wear was monitored by regular axial clearance measurements, while new slewing bearings were procured and supplied by Alatas Singapore.

The bearing changeout was planned with the customer and carried out at a lay-by berth, under the supervision of a Senior Alatas Crane Engineer and an Alatas Fuji Inverter Drive Specialist.


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