Troubleshooting and Recertification of Luffing Cylinder

Troubleshooting and recertification of luffing cylinder
Alatas ServiceField Service, Workshop Repairs
LocationUK, Europe
Crane Type Ram Luffing Crane
Crane ManufacturerHydralift
Crane ModelMCVC 2201-15T-25M

Alatas UK has recently been contracted to carry out troubleshooting and recertification of a luffing cylinder on a Hydralift crane. This project involved two Alatas services: Field Service and Workshop Repairs to help the client get back up and running within 1 week before their offshore construction vessel left port.

First, our Hydraulics Specialist and Focal Point for the project carried out an in-depth analysis of the crane. They determined that the luffing cylinder wasn’t functioning correctly and needed to be removed by a team of Alatas service technicians and inspected in the Alatas workshop.

After we transported the cylinder to the Alatas workshop, our engineers found the cylinder was bypassing oil and needed an urgent overhaul and pressure test.

Once completed, the cylinder was reinstalled on the crane by the service technicians, load tested and signed off by our senior service technician and our Hydraulic Focal Point.

Job Scope

  1. Inspection of crane functions on site
  2. Troubleshooting of crane luffing function
  3. Mobilisation of crane service technicians to remove the crane luffing cylinder
  4. Inspection, overhaul and pressure testing of the cylinder and counterbalance valve in the Alatas UK Workshop
  5. Transporation back to the site on the same day courier utilising our extensive logistical network
  6. Reinstallation of crane cylinder
  7. Function testing
  8. Load test and sign off to but the crane back in service


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