Periodic Survey on Offshore Cranes on Pipe Layer Vessel

Alatas ServiceField Service, 5 Yearly Special Periodic Survey
Crane ManufacturersKenz, Hydralift, Ironfist
Crane ModelsEHC 250/4500, OMCVCT 3426, KMCV 1301-5T-9M

The Pipe Carrier vessel and Cable Layer was undergoing dry-dock repairs in Singapore. Alatas had won the tender to provide crane services, spare parts supply and workshop component repair support. We were also contracted to carry out the 5 Yearly Periodic Survey, maintenance, repairs and load testing during the dry-docking period.

Alatas Crane Cover

The tender Provide Crane Repair Work at Dry-Dock covered the following crane models:

  • 1x KENZ EHC 250/4500 Offshore Crane SWL 250T
  • 1x HYDRALIFT OMCVCT 3426 Offshore Crane, SWL 155T
  • 1x IRONFIST Service Crane, SWL 5.0T
  • 1x HYDRALIFT KMCV 1301-5T-9M Knuckle Boom Crane, SWL 5.0T

Previous Job Scopes

  • 5 Yearly Crane Survey, according to Alatas Modular Checklist
  • Load and Overload Testing
  • Replacement of main winch wire rope
  • Structural Inspection
  • Inspection of hydraulic hoses
  • Draining, cleaning and refilling of hydraulic tank
  • Inspection of lamella brakes, planetary gearbox, hydraulic motor splines on rope winch gearboxes and slewing gearboxes
  • Replacement of accumulators
  • Overhaul of electric motor
  • Overhaul of main winch brakes including spline inspections, cogwheel inspection and backlash measurements
  • Overhaul of auxiliary winch brakes including motor and gearbox spline inspections
  • Overhaul of slew gear brakes including motor and gearbox spline inspections
  • Inspection of slew bearing and slew bearing fasteners including backlash measurements
  • Descaling and painting of boom rest, cleaning and coating/painting
  • Replacement of operator cabin perspex with tempered glass
  • NDT Inspection of crane structure, using rope access
  • Wire rope NDT inspection

The work and reporting were carried out to the highest standards and exceeded the expectations of the client. Especially the Alatas lead engineers on-site received praise for their professionalism and diligence.


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